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CUR | Hydroxide Rich Water Concentrate

What's in the bottle...

Each bottle contains 32 oz. of hydroxide rich alkaline water concentrate (typically a 1-month supply)

Each ounce of CUR makes 32 oz. (1 liter) of ready to drink hydroxide rich alkaline water

Recommended serving is at least 32 oz. of diluted hydroxide rich alkaline water per day

Vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, caffeine-free

No animal byproducts, no artificial colors or flavors

For an extensive list of FAQs for CUR, how it works, and the benefits click here


Why your body needs more hydroxide


Unlike other "Alkaline" waters that only buffer the acidity in your body by adding minerals to counteract the positive charge, hydroxide rich water is the only water that actually eliminates acid in your body by binding itself to the excess hydrogen ions that exist to create additional H2O molecules that your body can then eliminate through your urine. When excess acidity or hydrogen is removed from your system your body's natural pH levels are restored. Additional benefits of drinking hydroxide rich alkaline water are:


Decreased Inflammation

By eliminating acidity, the body’s inflammation responses are quieted and normal fluid levels are restored. Read More.

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Increased Hydration

Not only does CUR hydrate through the water that the hydroxide is suspended in, but it creates new water molecules when it eliminates acidity. This process is known as ultra-hydration and is only possible with hydroxide rich water. Read More.

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Increased Detoxification

The body not only hydrates the cells with the water created but it also primes the detox pathways. This may result in increased urination as the acidic load on the body is reduced but will decrease over time. Read More.

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Increased Energy

Energy production in the body creates hydrogen. By removing excess hydrogen (acidity) the body is able to produce more energy without stressing its systems. Read More.

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Increased Oxygen

Acidic load robs the body of resources that would be otherwise utilized for the transport and availability of oxygen. When the acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, more resources become available for oxygen transport. Read More.

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Restored Harmony

When excess acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, the body is able to operate more efficiently in all biological processes. Read More.