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Hyroxide Rich Alkaline Water Concentrate

Water Reimagined:
OH- (+) H+ is the new H2O

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.
— Science
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OH- (+) H3O+
(=) 2 H2O

Increased acidity in your body can happen through various ways causing your body to create excess hydrogen ions that your body cannot utilize. Hydrogen ions cannot exist freely in the body so it will bond with a water molecule creating a hydronium ion (H3O+). The ratio of hydronium ions to hydroxide ions determines the pH or (potential of Hydrogen) so there will be an excessive number of hydronium ions in an acidic solution or body. CUR is a hydroxide rich alkaline water concentrate that will eliminate acidity by adding additional hydroxide ions to bond with the excess hydrogen ions that exist through a process called autoprotolysis.


There are 37 trillion cells in your body. 60% of them are filled with water.

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Why your body needs more hydroxide

Unlike other "Alkaline" waters that only buffer the acidity in your body by adding minerals to counteract the positive charge, hydroxide rich water is the only water that actually eliminates acid in your body by binding itself to the excess hydrogen ions that exist to create additional H2O molecules that your body can then eliminate through your urine. When excess acidity or hydrogen is removed from your system your body's natural pH levels are restored. Additional benefits of drinking hydroxide rich alkaline water are:


Decreased Inflammation

By eliminating acidity, the body’s inflammation responses are quieted and normal fluid levels are restored. Read More.

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Increased Hydration

Not only does CUR hydrate through the water that the hydroxide is suspended in, but it creates new water molecules when it eliminates acidity. This process is known as ultra-hydration and is only possible with hydroxide rich water. Read More.

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Increased Detoxification

The body not only hydrates the cells with the water created but it also primes the detox pathways. This may result in increased urination as the acidic load on the body is reduced but will decrease over time. Read More.

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Increased Energy

Energy production in the body creates hydrogen. By removing excess hydrogen (acidity) the body is able to produce more energy without stressing its systems. Read More.

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Increased Oxygen

Acidic load robs the body of resources that would be otherwise utilized for the transport and availability of oxygen. When the acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, more resources become available for oxygen transport. Read More.

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Restored Harmony

When excess acidic load is eliminated rather than merely buffered, the body is able to operate more efficiently in all biological processes. Read More.


What our customers are saying...


"To me, this is not just a supplement, but a true life changer. I am hopeful for further improvements as I continue to take CUR."



“My entire family has been drinking CUR for almost a year. We have 3 boys ages 5 to 17 that are all very active in all types of sports. We eat organic and try to stay healthy. I must say that in the last year we have had no sickness. Not even a common cold. The boys do well in all their sporting events and always seem to have enough energy for after school evening homework etc. I feel the CUR has assisted greatly in keeping our immune systems healthy. I have lots of energy to be “supermom”! We are so thankful for such a fantastic, cost effective water.”



“I suffered from years of insomnia and intestinal issues. I Have been drinking CUR for the last 6 months and my insomnia issue is gone and my intestinal issues are getting better! I have also dropped 11 pounds and have lots more energy throughout the day to focus on my work and family! Thank you for a wonderful product! I am recommending CUR to my colleagues, extended family and everyone who will listen!”



“Since using CUR I have seen many benefits in my health. My energy levels have increased in the morning when it is the first thing I consume. Even throughout the day when drinking it, I have renewed energy to do things. I have noticed a 10% decrease in my blood sugar numbers after drinking CUR. I believe this product is a vital part in the improvement of my health and well-being.”



“In my practice, I use a machine called BEMER to assist in muscle stimulation/relaxation. During the last 7 months I have had my patients drinking CUR I have observed an increased healing period and decrease in muscle tissue inflammation. This translates to better patient compliance and less time my patients need to spend with additional modalities. My patients average 3lbs per week weight loss during their 1st month drinking CUR.”



“I have noticed a reduction of muscle soreness and inflammation in my right knee after 2 days of drinking CUR. I also have increased energy to get my work done in late afternoons. Prior to drinking CUR, I would have to take daily naps. After 3 weeks now drinking CUR daily I can honestly say my arthritic knee is almost new again. Even my skin is starting to look better.”


The science behind CUR, alkaline water, and other popular topics in health.


How does CUR eliminate acid?

The body has many acids that it uses in its daily operation that are beneficial. In fact, hydrogen protons themselves are key to many biological processes that take place in the body. The problem comes when outside acids are introduced or excess acids are produced and hydrogen protons build up. This is damaging to the body and robs it of it precious resources. Further, excess acidity contributes to inflammation in the body which adversely impacts any disease conditions.

Hydrogen protons and hydroxide ions do not like being separated and a strong electromagnetic bond attracts them to each other. When hydroxide (OH-) is introduced into an environment where excess acidity (H+) exists, it immediately seeks out the hydrogen protons to combine with and become water (H2O). This is why hydroxide is such a strong acid eliminator.

Make a splash and join our mission to help people live fuller, healthier, and longer lives by eliminating acidity, reducing inflammation and getting and keeping our bodies in an alkaline state through the use of hydroxide rich water.